Generation Alpha and Sleep - LIVE Pediatric Sleep Workshop at Happy and Healthy Pediatrics in Mineola, NY

Sleep Cadets

May 4th 12:00 PM to 4 PM (EDT)

Mineola, NY

First let us start by explaining what Generation Alpha is.

Futurist, demographer, and TEDx speaker Mark McCrindle is leading the campaign to call anyone born after 2010 a part of Generation Alpha. According to him, 2.5 million Alphas are born around the globe every week.

Alpha kids will grow up with iPads in hand, never live without a smartphone, and have the ability to transfer a thought online in seconds. These massive technological changes, among others, make Generation Alpha the most transformative generation ever, according to McCrindle.

What has this got to do with sleep?

Along with all the technological wonders at our children (and babies) fingertips, there is a downside. Less and less of a connection for a one-on-one interpersonal interaction: less touch, less eye contact, less time connecting between parent and child. Parents will need to be very mindful of how they interact with their child. How you are modeling what is an appropriate way of personal interaction with their child.

I would like to begin the surge of awareness around sleeping. I would like to show parents that they can help to create a time for this connection through sleep. Yes, I said sleep. Sleep is so much more then sleeping. It truly consists of is happening throughout the daytime schedule from eating, play, and bedtime these are all part of sleep. In this wonderful workshop that I have co-created with other top professional, you will learn how to build a wonderful secure attachment with your child.

We hope that you will join us on this journey, creating a loving bond around sleep, with your children of Generation Alpha.

- Rebecca Kammerer, Pediatric Sleep Coach

 Workshop Information:

What you’ll learn:

  • Create a "Bedtime Routine" that will help you to connect with your child

  • Tune-out the outside world and tune-in to your child's sleep needs

  • If you tried "Cry-It-Out" and it did't work, STOP using it!...Learn other options

  • What a child's daily schedule should look like for Sleep, Eating and Activity

  • What you need and what to get rid of, in your child’s room to help them sleep...Hint: NO Electronics

  • BONUS: Whether you choose to co-sleep or not to co-sleep, you will learn how to get your child learn how to do this by themselves by choosing from the various methods of sleep coaching

What to expect:

  • A mix of educational presentation & Q&A

  • A stimulating environment to learn about creating a healthy sleep environment for child

  • A cathartic experience reminding you you’re not alone

Post Workshop Support:

  • A downloadable copy of The Sleep Cadets Sleep Styles E-book will be emailed to participants

  • Free 15 minute phone consultation that must be use within one week post workshop

Date: Saturday, May 4th

Times and Age Groups:

12:15PM- 1:15PM: Infants (0-6mos)

1:30PM - 2:30PM: Babies (6-12mos)

2:45PM- 3:45PM: Toddlers (12-36 mos)

Investment: General: $40/person

Walk-Ins: $50/person

There is lot and side street parking.

 All tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future, "Sleep" workshop within six months, if one should be scheduled.

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