2018 was a time of significant positive transformation here at Happy and Healthy Pediatrics. We want to highlight some of the advancements that we have made and investments into new technology platforms that continue to enhance our quality of care.  While this list doesn’t encompass every initiative, it highlights a few.

·         Renovation: for those who have been with us for some time may have noticed the new office layout.  With our recent renovation, we have significantly increased waiting room size, added exam rooms, a phlebotomy room, and a new state of the art lab.  We are still in progress but were almost there!


·         Patient Centered Medical Home: While acting as your medical home has always been something that brings us a sense of pride, we are in the process of becoming accredited by NCQA ((National Committee for Quality Assurance).  More to come…

Investment in Technology:  in the current landscape of medicine, new technological advancements are emerging regularly.  While pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the most relevant and impactful advances available.   Technology offers a number of opportunities to improve our high level of patient and family care.  We have recently implemented/improved the following:

·         Patient Portal:  While this has been available, we have relaunched and enhanced the capability.  This is a terrific way to access important information about your family (height, weight, immunizations etc.) ask your physician non-urgent questions and simply connect with our office


·         CHADIS: This is a big deal!  These are behavioral and developmental screening surveys that are sent to patients in advance of their wellness visits.  Once completed, they provide your doctor with important information that helps them provide the best direction and decisions regarding your child. If you have not begun – make sure you are completing these!!


·         Healthix: This is a new information sharing platform that is being implemented throughout the state.  Once you provide consent, it allows us to access important health information instantly.  This is critical in coordinating care, lowering costs, reducing duplicate procedures and testing and simply providing quick and effective care.  

·         New Rapid Diagnostic Testing:  We have implemented new rapid Strep and Flu readers to assist in accurate and timely diagnosis of your child’s illness. 

·         New Vision and Hearing Screens:  We have invested in upgraded technology, doubling our capacity for vision screening and upgrading our hearing diagnostic equipment.  While hearing tests will soon take a little bit longer, we will have a greater level of specificity in testing