We are extremely excited to NOW be able to offer the resource of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Breanne Medici will be be offering workshops as well as OFFICE HOURS in the Healthy and Happy Wellness Center!!

Raising children is no easy task. If you need support and research driven strategies to reduce frustration and increase feelings of success in your home, reach out. We'll work together to meet all of your parenting goals.  

  • Sleep training (age 4 months +)
  • Toilet training
  • Cooperation Improvement Therapy 
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Independent play practice
  • Mealtime Improvement Therapy 
  • Sibling Support Therapy
  • Community Integration Therapy
  • Reduction of aggression and more


Behavior Analysis

Through our actions we can empower our children to succeed!

Applied behavior analysis provides an empirical basis for improving human behavior, it is a science and like all science, it is lawful and predictable. When you understand the variables in effect, you can control behavior.

It is up to us to change the environment and our responses in order to increase desirable outcomes for our children.

ABA is NOT discrete trial teaching as many believe it to be, ABA is a way of life.  An ongoing dedication and commitment to reinforcing positive behavior.  

About Breanne


"My passion for working with children who have special needs began at Camp ANCHOR in Lido Beach. At age 14, I started volunteering and by 21, I was a fully invested staff member with a great group of children under my care. I knew very early on that I would devote myself to serving this beautiful population of people throughout my life. If you have not heard of Camp ANCHOR,please visit the website to get a glimpse this spectacular program for yourself.

I have the following New York State Teaching Certifications:

Students with Disabilities Birth-Grade 2, Students with Disabilities 1-6, Early Childhood Education Birth-Grade 2 and Childhood Education 1-6

Since 2010, after working under the supervision of Dr. Charna Mintz and passing the Board Certification Exam, I proudly carry the title, Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I adhere to the principles of behavior analysis in my unwavering dedication to providing families with research-based methods for changing troubling or maladaptive behaviors. Aside from working with children directly, I have had great success working with parents and with future clinicians through my Parent Training and Future BCBA Supervision Programs. 

Undoubtedly, the most profound experiences I have had as a professional have taken place at the Number Four School in Lawrence, where I have been a special education teacher since 2005. The memories of students and families that I have met along the way continue to fill my heart with joy and serve as constant reminders of why I do what I do. Over the years I have successfully facilitated in the toilet training of over 60 children, increased food repertoires, decreased aggression and implemented sleep training programs to name a few of my duties. I believe in using a combination of teaching practices to achieve the best individualized outcome for every child. Most importantly, I believe in being POSITIVE. There is a finite amount of time in a day, if you increase the behaviors you want to see more of, by nature of time, you will be decreasing the rest without even trying. 

Whether I am working directly with children or indirectly by empowering their parents or future educators, my goals are always the same: Increase harmony in the home, Increase feelings of success, Increase independence, Make measurable progress or change the intervention".