Parenting Seminar - New Date! wednesday 2/20/19

It’s Back! Happy and Healthy Pediatrics is thrilled to continue to offer the Parenting Seminar facilitated by Breanne Medici - Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Over 250 of our patients have attended!

Wednesday, 2/20/19  7:00-9:00PM

Is it a fight to get your child to bed at night?  Is homework a daily battle?  Does it seem impossible to eat dinner at the table as a family?  Do you dread trips to the store with your little one in tow?  These are just a few areas where parents struggle and that are addressed with science based and clinically proven techniques.  


Come and Learn:

  • How to parent positively (even during meltdowns)

  • The benefits of using research-based strategies to create a calmer home

  • Proactive Parenting vs Reactive Parenting

  • The difference between changing behavior and managing behavior and why that is important

  • Specific Strategies you can implement at home immediately to achieve desired behaviors

Learn More about Behavior Analysis and facilitator Breanne Medici, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Investment: $35/PP, $50/Couple

Parenting Seminar - February 20th
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Date TBD: 7:00PM-7:45PM

Investment: $20/PP

Here at Happy and Healthy we are a community of parents that strive to learn from each other and grow in our parenting practices each day.  We are excited to offer our Behavior Analyst Q&A forum, facilitated by our behaviorist, Breanne Medici, where she will take questions on all behavior issues including but not limited to:

  • Sleep

  • Toilet training

  • Mealtimes

  • Aggression

  • Sibling interaction

  • Homework

This is a terrific opportunity to have candid conversations about issues that you are facing, develop your sense of community with other parents facing similar challenges and get expert advise from  a board certified Behaviorist.  Come participate in this casual, caring, informative group discussion about common behaviors that plague us all! - Bring your questions or just come to listen and be inspired by the conversation as it evolves. 

Learn More about Behavior Analysis and facilitator Breanne Medici, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Behaviorist Q&A Forum
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