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Parent Mindfulness Workshop

We are so excited to announce that we have finally completed a NEW Parent Mindfulness workshop. We have partnered with local Therapist and Mindfulness practitioner Nishant Patel to deliver this new program. SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th 1:00-4:00PM

Dr. Rubin, Pediatrician and Owner of Happy and Healthy Pediatrics has spent years exploring, learning and practicing mindfulness. She has completed numerous courses, seminars, retreats and training. Not only has her mindfulness practice had a significant impact on her life, but she regularly uses it in practice with her patients and parents. Please read the letter below to learn more about her personal journey.

We live in an anxious world.  Anxiety is really the epidemic that we treat.  And we see it in all forms.  From new parents too anxious to enjoy their newborns, to 8 year olds having panic attacks, to us as physicians unable to sleep at night because we are worried about our patients.  I suffer from anxiety, and I know my parents role modeled those behaviors.   Every day I struggle-not only to be happy, but also to make sure I break the cycle!  I am determined to give my daughters a better life.  So they don't have to struggle.  So that they have better coping strategies.  I see the world getting harder, not easier.  I want them to be resilient.   I want them to be happy. 

We don't have kids because we have to.  We have them because we want to.  And as a parent I want to enjoy every moment with my daughters.   To know what well being feels like, and to role model that for them.  We all deserve to be happy.  And this is part of what Happy and Healthy Wellness center wants to help facilitate and foster. 

-Dr. Elissa Rubin

Dr. Rubin often discusses the level of anxiety that we see in parents today, pulled in so many directions and receiving input from so many sources, friends, family and especially social media! As a result, so many parents aren’t fully enjoying their children and this wonderful phase of life to the fullest. Creating a program to help people learn mindfulness and apply it to parenting has been a long standing vision.

Nishant Patel is a local psychotherapist who has many years of extensive experience teaching mindfulness to individuals in private practice as well as in group settings. Those that seek the support of Nishant have learned how to utilize mindfulness in their everyday lives to practically overcome anxiety and fear in their relationships with loved ones and most importantly, themselves. Through self awareness and understanding of our internal world, Nishant’s core message is that clarity, freedom, and inner peace are our birthright no matter our situation. Learn more about Nishant here - Together, we have created a Mindfulness for Parents Workshop. This workshop is designed to be an introduction to mindfulness and teach some techniques to integrate into your life as a parent. Some goals for the program include (not a full list):

  • An introduction to Mindfulness

  • Learning about meditation and how to easily integrate into a busy lifestyle

  • Understanding and reducing anxieties about our children

  • Understanding the root causes of suffering and better managing

  • Understanding appropriate expectations for our children

  • How to best role model

Whether a new parent, or one with years of experience, we believe this is a valuable experience. We are limiting attendance, so registration is first come. If you have any questions, please call the office.

Parent Mindfulness Workshop
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