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Children's Mindfulness: Thriving at a Young Age

As the school season is approaching, we are thrilled to offer our Children's Mindfulness Workshop!  This program, developed by Dr. Elissa Rubin and Cory Muscara (Owner/Founder of the Long Island Center for Mindfulness) is designed for children from 6-11 years of age.  This course is designed to equip children with the inner resources they need to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and improve focus, joy, creativity and relaxation. This is one of the only kids mindfulness courses available on Long Island, and is often a transformational experience for participants.

We are limiting attendance to 15 children per session.  If you are interested, we encourage you to call for more information or register asap to guarantee a spot.

Dates: This is a six week course: Sept. 21st, 28th, Oct. 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th

Day and Time:  -  Thursday evenings, 5:30PM-6:30PM Class runs approx. 45 - 55 minutes with the remaining time for parent engagement and questions.


The extent of pressures put on our children today is far greater than ever before.  From increased scholastic expectations from an extremely young age, to increased social responsibility our children are faced with a daunting challenge.  Combine that with the ever increasing distractions that technology provides (gaming, social media, general connection) we as parents struggle to develop skills to help our children not just excel, but to be functioning, at ease and simply happy.

As a result, we have developed our Mindfulness for Children program.  This collaboration combines proven techniques from established Mindfulness curriculums as well as experience and perspective from pediatric medicine.  All designed for appropriate age groups to be fun and engaging!

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Develop skills to understand stresses and develop coping strategies

  • Develop skills to reduce and manage anxiety, habits that transcend into adulthood

  • Improve understanding of sensations and feelings and how to RESPOND RATHER THAN REACT

  • Improve focus and attention

  • Learn to work with difficult, self-defeating, and ruminating thoughts

  • Learn to communicate and listen with greater mindfulness to family, friends and in school and deepen interpersonal relationships

  • Deepen interpersonal relationships.

  • Learn how to practice a variety of different mindfulness meditations, and develop and sustain a simple meditation practice moving forward


The Role of the Parents/Guardian
It is incredibly important for you, as a parent or guardian, to be a part of this experience with your child. Therefore, we ask at least one guardian to be present during the class. Although the learning period will only involve interaction with the kids, it is important for you to see what tools/ideas the children are learning to support and encourage them between sessions. 

Investment: $195.00 / $350.00 for 2 (siblings) / $525.00 for 3 (siblings)

To Register please click the link below or call Brian at Happy and Healthy Pediatrics (516) 216-5910,  e-mail or click below.

 This course will be facilitated by Ximena Zembrano, Brian Cohen and Dr. Rubin.  There will be no refunds once the course begins.  Should you have a need to cancel, your tuition can be applied to a future class offering.

Children's Mindfulness Workshop
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Children's Mindfulness Workshop - 2 Siblings
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Children's Mindfulness Workshop - 3 Siblings
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Supporting the Anxious Child

Happy and Healthy Pediatrics is happy to present High Functioning Families, Supporting the Anxious Child workshops.  Two times available:

Wednesday October 4th 10:30-11:30AM / 7:00 - 8:00PM

Are you noticing more and more children are suffering from anxiety today?  Do you feel overwhelmed and not sure how help your child? Anxiety can affect children’s ability to learn, feel confident and socialize. There are a number of ways parents can make it easier and less stressful for themselves and their child with anxiety. 

 In this workshop attendees will discover:

  • How to distinguish between behavior issues and anxiety
  • How to create a safe environment when anxiety symptoms are high
  • Systems and techniques to diffuse anxiety in children
  • How to create structured routines that alleviate stressful situations at home
  • How to communicate effectively with the anxious child to create a better relationship
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